Thank goodness Donna at Newberg Travel managed all the details of my May 2017 visit to  London and tour of Germany.  When I  ran into difficulty contacting a prepaid airport taxi, I called her from Mainz, Germany,  and she took care of everything.  When you use an outstanding travel agency, you pay very little for their service, but receive a massive amount of help before and during your vacation.  I would never consider navigating multiple hotels, flights, airport taxis, entrances to museums/art galleries, and day trip excursions w/o an excellent travel agent.  They take care of all the details to make your trip run smoothly. Thank you, Donna and Newberg Travel! -Sharon

Donna is terrific. I had a most wonderful flight and stay in Manila. She found me the best price and easiest flight pattern. Thank you Donna for such a great attention to my needs. I am returning to Manila in September and will definitely be using Newberg Travel and Cruise. -Keith

Brian is awesome to work with! Going above and beyond to make sure our trip is just what we are looking for, and following up after we return. Thank you for taking care of us! -Krissy